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Puerto Princesa City is not just a city where forests are the only thing that you can find. It is also a destination for beach lovers, underwater explorers and those who want to meet the friends of Nemo (a clown fish). If you are looking for a two in one water adventure – like snorkeling and island hopping that suits your budget, Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa and Island hopping in Elnido is the best place to visit.


The park was declared a premier ecotourism destination and has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage lists for its outstanding universal value and ecological significance as a natural site of intense beauty and won New 7 Wonders of Nature.  The entire experience is surreal. You will, after all, be surrounded by nature’s best. You will be standing at the lagoon where the salt water met with fresh water. You will be awed with the rocky entrance luring tourists of its magnificence. You will be dazzled by the mineral formations that took hundreds or even thousands of years to create. The underground river is, indeed, one great wonder of nature. — at Puerto Princessa City Palawan.

At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water’s edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave. The Underground River was phenomenal. So much of it is yet to be discovered, and tourists are only allowed to see a couple of kilometres of it. It is pitch dark inside, and you can volunteer to sit in front and hold the search light. All you have to do is listen to the boatman and point the light to wherever he says. You will see some pretty amazing rock formations, and the size of the thing is breathtaking. — at Puerto Princessa City Palawan.

Aside from its staggering length and shape, within it lie unique discoveries, which were, until recently, unknown even to those who had frequented the site. For the last several months, an Italian group called La Venta has been conducting studies there, and they have made some stunning discoveries—such as the fossils of sea cows or Sirenia dating back to the Miocene period—roughly 20 million years ago. Aside from being rare fossils previously found only in Java, Indonesia, these findings also emphasize further the sheer historic value of our Underground River.


It offers an educational tour by boat through Sabang’s mangrove forests. The area of Sabang in Puerto Princesa has among the most diverse mangrove forests in the island with hectares of mangroves thriving lusciously. To get there, one will need to make a 15 minute trek from Sabang’s port area through Sabang beach resorts. And arriving at the starting point, one will need register and pay a fee to join the boat tour. 


On board the boat which has a capacity of 6 persons, a paddler and a guide comes along. Each person is also provided with life vests for safety purposes and umbrellas to repel heat from the sun. The tour goes slowly as guests are paddled deep into the forest while following the river through it. by: As the river goes deeper in the forest, the _river narrows and becomes shallower. On shallower parts of the river, the water spans wider through the forest grounds where roots of the mangroves grow on. Also, deeper in the forest, the mangroves stand very high above the ground.

Mangroves are very important in supporting the rich marine life in the region where smaller fishes feed and reproduce. At the turning point within the forest, the tour takes a few minute of rest where the visitors are allowed to alight the boats and walk on the roots of the mangroves. Guides also pick up woodworms or ‘tamilok’ as they are called locally. Tamilok is favorite dish of the locals.

On the shoreline, it is common to see mudskippers and monitor lizards while on the branches of the overhanging mangrove trees snakes may be spotted.


Ugong Rock is a huge rock sitting atop plain lands. It got it's name "ugong"which means "deep sound", and it produces that kind of sound when you knock on its walls. It's actually a huge, hollow rock, and when you get inside, it would feel like you are in a cave.

Ugong Rock Adventure area was under the care of ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan at first but later transferred the management to Tagabinet Community Tourism Association. All the guides and staff are residents of the barangay. 


Contact Nos. 0927-8917996 or 0926-9295012 or 0921-7779823